SAN FRANCISCO ORACLE #1-12 (SF: September 1966-January 1968) - all published.
SAN FRANCISCO ORACLE #1-12 (SF: September 1966-January 1968) - all published.
SAN FRANCISCO ORACLE #1-12 (SF: September 1966-January 1968) - all published.
SAN FRANCISCO ORACLE #1-12 (SF: September 1966-January 1968) - all published.


SAN FRANCISCO ORACLE #1-12 (SF: September 1966-January 1968) - all published.

Ed. Allen Cohen. Tabloid newspaper format, each 12pp.-52pp. A complete set of all 12 issues of the most celebrated psychedelic newspaper of the Haight-Ashbury.

The Oracle pioneered new graphics (it was the first to explore the split-fountain possibilities of the four-unit offset press), and served as the Haight's spokesman, catalyst and conscience.

Six issues have faint centre creases where originally folded; slight fraying to spines on some issues; overall, condition ranges from Very Good plus to Near Fine.

#1 (September 1966). The Love Pageant Rally issue, printing Allen Cohen and Michael Bowen's text, "A Prophesy of A Declaration of Independence", announcing the event on the back cover. Also includes a feature on Michael McClure's play, "The Beard" (+ letters in support from Ginsberg, Creeley and Mailer); a collage by Michael Bowen; Marshall McLuhan; Provos.

#2 (October 1966). The Youth Quake! issue. Incl.: centrefold mandala by Bruce Conner; ads. for The Grateful Dead.

#3 (November 1966). Ken Kesey's Graduation Party. Incl.: front page photo of Ken Kesey + feature/interview; Chet Helms interview; Gary Snyder - "Buddhism & The Coming Revolution"; John Sinclair column; letters from Ron and Jay Thelin, and "a digger".

#4 (November 1966). Dr. Leary and The Love Book issue. Incl.: extensive transcript of Timothy Leary's press conference/interview in San Francisco announcing his psychedelic celebrations on the West Coast; "Love Book"/"The Beard" busts; yoga and the psychedelic mind; the Diggers; Ferlinghetti poetry centrespread featuring collage artwork by Michael Bowen; photo of Robert Duncan and Wallace Berman; Fillmore reviews, incl. Bobby Beausoleil and the Chamber Orkustra.

#5 (January 1967). The Human Be-In issue, with front cover design in colour by Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley and Michael Bowen, identical to their poster/handbill design. Announces "The Gathering of the Tribes" in Golden Gate Park; extensive interview with Richard Alpert; "Renaissance or Die" centrefold by Rick Griffin; Allen Ginsberg; Michael McClure. The first truly psychedelic issue of the Oracle.

#6 (February 1967). The Aquarian Age issue, with Rick Griffin's psychedelic front cover art of bearded prophet with outstretched arms pouring out urns against a background of coloured rays emanating around him. First edition (15c cover price), published simultaneously with the very rare rainbow-coloured, split-fountain variant. Includes a photo-collage from the 'Be-In' and a report; a McLuhanite essay by Chester Anderson; John Sinclair ("Firemusic", on the jazz scene); "LSD, Revolution and God", an interview with Paul Krassner; Alan Watts; astrology; Lenore Kandel's "In Transit", with erotic/psychedelic art (by Michael Bowen?); "In The Land Of The Dark The Ship Of The Sun Is Driven By The Grateful Dead" full-page psychedelic artwork by Rick Griffin featuring a negative photo-image of The Dead by Gene Anthony; full-page back cover colour psychedelic art by Ida Griffin.

#7 (March/April 1967). The Houseboat Summit issue, second edition (variant front cover design, with no front cover photo credit for Paul Kagan). Colour back cover art by Rick Griffin. Contains "Changes", the complete transcript of a taped discussion of counterculture ideals amongst Leary, Ginsberg, Watts and Snyder before an invited audience in Alan Watts' houseboat home in Sausalito, Feb. 5th, 1967. One of the most important and successful editions of the Oracle. Full-page ads. for Grateful Dead LP, Kenneth Anger's "Lucifer Rising" (designed by Rick Griffin), Big Brother & The Holding Co.

#8 (May/June 1967). The Native American issue (negative front cover image), first edition, with Gary Snyder's poem, "A Curse on the Men in Washington, Pentagon", printed on p.17. Incl.: psychedelic yoga; Philip Lamantia; Bob Kaufman; collage by Bruce Conner; Kirby Doyle; full-page psychedelic ad. by Tom Weller for Country Joe & The Fish LP.

#9 (August 1967). The Psychedelics, Flowers and War issue. Mandala front cover art in red and blue by Bruce Conner, back cover mandala man. Incl.: Leary and Metzner - "On Programming the Psychedelic Experience"; Haight St. feature; Dane Rudhyar - "The Buddah Mind"; Michael McClure - "Poisoned Wheat"; two local psychics and scenesters, Gavin Arthur and John Cooke.

#10 (October 1967). The Politics of Ecstasy issue. Pentagon mandala edition, brown, cyan and purple mandala front cover variant, and back cover mandala designed by Peter Legeria in anticipation of the Exorcism of the Pentagon event on October 21st. Incl.: William Burroughs - "Academy 23: A Deconditioning"; a 5pp. interview with Timothy Leary conducted by the staff of the Oracle; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Lew Welch - "Greed".

#11 (December 1967). The City of God issue, featuring speeches by Buckminster Fuller and Robert Theobald, plus a long poem by Stephen Levine. Red overprinted on yellow front cover, with a pinkish tint overall. Small lower corner loss to back cover.

#12 (January 1968). Symposium 2000AD and the Fall issue. First edition, with solid rays on pp.8-9. Front cover design by Bob Schnepf featuring a photo by Thomas Weir. Incl.: Drop City; Michael McClure; Esalen Institute; Carl Rogers; Alan Watts; Philip Whalen, and art by Alton Kelley, and Martin Linhart.