To the Residents of Fell & Oak Sts. COUNCIL FOR A. SUMMER OF LOVE.
To the Residents of Fell & Oak Sts.


To the Residents of Fell & Oak Sts.

Original flyer, duplicated in red ink on orange stock. 35.5x21.7cm. (legal-size sheet, same dimensions as the Diggers' Free City sheets). No date, c. late May 1967.

Prints the Council for a Summer of Love's announcement that, following the previous week's Council-promoted rock concert close to the Kezar Stadium, "the rock concerts will RETURN to the Panhandle to the dismay of the Council and to the annoyance of the residents living around the Panhandle" (the Park and Recreation Department had previously forced it off the Panhandle).

The statement continues: "The Council and many other groups and individuals in the neighborhood recognize the importance of these concert-religious celebrations of life as a means of diffusing all the negative energy which flows into the Haight-Ashbury every weekend… However, the Council does not wish to abuse love by imposing its own trip on others, by imposing the loud sounds of rock music on those who are annoyed by it and whose weekend peace is thereby disturbed…The Park Commission is deliberately forcing the Council to re-impose the loudness of rock music on the ears of the Panhandle residents." The statement closes by urging local residents to write to the head of the Park Commission insisting that he provide a place in Golden Gate Park "for the weekly religious-rock celebration".

A handwritten note on the verso to Ralph Gleason from Tsvi Strauch, proprietor of the Haight-Ashbury store In Gear, reads: "Ralph, This action seems to fit in with a rumored plan to bust en masse for vagrancy at the concerts. Tsvi". Old central vertical crease, and three old, faint horizontal creases, o/w Very Good plus.

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