I Don't Wanna. Henry FLYNT, The Insurrections.
I Don't Wanna.


I Don't Wanna.

London: Bo'Weavil Recordings, 2005. LP record (Weavil 02). Sleeve photography by George Maciunas. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies, this one hors commerce and marked 'Promo' in place of the number on the back cover. Mint.

The album contains demos recorded in 1966 by an ensemble consisting of Flynt on lead vocals and electric guitar (Flynt learned guitar from Lou Reed and played briefly in the Velvet Underground), Walter De Maria on drums, Art Murphy on keyboards, and Paul Breslin on upright bass. The experimental delta blues-inspired music features agit-prop lyrics, including diatribes against the Vietnam War ('Uncle Sam Do') and Capitalism ('Goodbye Wall St.').