g.brecht.d.higgins.a.knowles.c.moorman.d.rot will/just/drink/or/ perhaps/do/something/or/not, in museumcollegeofartphiladelphia5-7pm 16october1964 &&1984&&1994&&.

A miniature flyer announcing a Fluxus performance on October 16, 1964 (intended to be repeated twenty and thirty and '&&' years later). Mimeographed text on pale cream card stock. 27x80mm. Verso blank. Fine.

Designed to look as though it were hand-typed, especially as the name of Nam June Paik has been x-ed out. Paik, invited by Diter Rot to participate in the closing events of 'Snow with an Ending', his first solo show in the US, had just written 'Pop Sonata' for Charlotte Moorman, based on his earlier 'Serenade for Alison' (Knowles). The work was Paik and Moorman's first collaboration and premiered at the event. Its score called for Moorman to shed her jewellery and clothing, alternating the striptease with phrases from Bach’s Suite no. 3 in C Major for Unaccompanied Cello. Jim McWilliams has recalled that her performance was stopped by a nervous security guard.