Wall St. is War St. BLACK MASK.
Wall St. is War St.


Wall St. is War St.

NY: Black Mask, nd. (1967). Flyer. B/w, 28x21.5cm. A Black Mask statement prepared primarily by Ben Morea in co-operation with writer and activist Dan Georgakas to accompany an anti-Wall Street demonstration planned for early February 1967. The statement accuses "The traders in stocks and bones" of dealing "in a stock exchange of death. Profits rise to the ticker tape of your dead sons. Poison gas rains on Vietnam."

The event took place on February 10th and involved around 25 men wearing black balaclavas and carrying large white skull masks, as reported in Black Mask #4: "We have marched on Wall Street. We have changed its name to War Street. Wall Street remains and the war goes on. But we are not powerless, this monster can be stopped. First we must expose the enemy, speak its name to the world - 'War' St. Yet we can't stop there, for beyond Capitalism lies the whole rotten civilization known as the western world. A civilization rotten to its core."

Old central horizontal fold; paper unevenly age-toned; creasing to lower right corner; left edge chipped and worn, o/w Very Good. A rare flyer from the Black Mask group, emblematic of their opposition to the Vietnam war and the capitalist system that financed it, and situated in a long tradition of resistance to Wall Street, ranging from the Wall Street bombing of September 1920 to the more recent Occupy protests.