Brother Anarchist Youth Bulletin. RESURGENCE YOUTH MOVEMENT.
Brother Anarchist Youth Bulletin.
Brother Anarchist Youth Bulletin.


Brother Anarchist Youth Bulletin.

NY: Resurgence Youth Movement, December 1966. Mimeographed flyer, folded once to make four pages. 21.6x35.5cm. (unfolded).

The flyer, handwritten in an edgy style and embellished with ornate swashes, begins by declaring that "1966 Is The First Year Of A World Revolution Of Youth. In 1967 It Will Happen Again Bigger Than Ever Before".

It continues overleaf: "This Year The Youth Of The World Came Out In The Streets And Put Terror In The Hearts Of The Politicians And Cops And Bosses Who Make War On The World! We Showed Them In Our Music, Our Riots, And Our Dreams That We Want No Part In The 'Old' World! We Are Dropping Out, Not Only Out Of School, But Out Of All The Shit Of This Society!!! The Time Has Now Come To Build Our Own Movement To Fight For Freedom Here! The Real Enemy Is At Home! We Must Unite With Our Black And Puerto Rican Brothers Who Are Fighting The Fascist Fuzz In The Streets Of The Cities, Whose Battle Cry For Freedom Is The Same As Ours! Organize The American Vietcong!"

Slight foxing along right edge of first page; pinhole at lower fold, o/w Very Good.