The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds. Alexander TROCCHI.


The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds.

London: Project Sigma, nd. (1964). Ten mimeographed foolscap sheets, side-stapled. Issued as no.2 of the Sigma Portfolio (8pp.), here stapled together with no.14 (Portfolio List), no.5 (Sigma: General Information), and no.12 (Subscription Form).

The first separate edition of Trocchi's important text, the beginning of his Sigma Project and his attempt to establish an international network of countercultural activism (Trocchi was one of the founding members of the Situationist International, and before that, a member of the Lettrist International). It was originally published in New Saltire Review in 1962, subsequently as 'Technique du Coup du Monde' in Internationale Situationniste #8 (January 1963), and in it Trocchi calls for a cultural revolution which "must seize the grids of expression and the power-houses of the mind" and proposes the creation of an international 'spontaneous university' "as the possible detonator of the invisible insurrection."

Minor handling wear, o/w Near Fine.