A double-sided Oz advertising rates card, c. September 1972.


A double-sided Oz advertising rates card, c. September 1972.

Printed in black on white card stock, with two horizontal machine folds. 29.8x21cm. Illustrated on one side with a full-frontal b/w photograph of a naked man and woman (David Wills and Aina Vasilevska) with their arms around each other, the former holding a joint, and a copy of Oz #44 obscuring their faces. The bold headline above reads: "We've got nothing to hide."

The verso prints full details of the advertising rates, printing information and circulation numbers, along with another, smaller full-frontal photograph showing the same pair, unmasked and unabashed (David Wills moved to San Francisco in 1973 where he named the Hookers Ball and designed T-shirts, posters and newspapers for prostitutes and sex workers, as well as the Coyote Trickster logo for the badges that Margo St. James sold to finance the decriminalisation of prostitution in San Francisco; Aina was one of two Lithuanian teenagers who ran away from home in Nottinghamshire, crashed at Felix Dennis's flat in Wandsworth Bridge Road, and found jobs as shop girls at Biba in the former Derry & Toms store on Kensington High Street).

Near Fine.