Poster announcing the Chicago Festival of Life, a multi-media event organised by Danae Brook, Richard Neville and others in support of the Chicago 8 and held at the Roundhouse, north London, on January 26th, 1970.

Offset litho printed in blue, green and maroon on white stock. Designed by David Wills and printed by The Word for Oz Magazine (Oz carried coverage of the Chicago Conspiracy Trial in issues #25 and #26). 76x50.5cm. Illustrated with a central photographic image of a naked woman astride a pig (Sally Kirkland in the 1969 film, 'Futz'), and small headshots of each of the eight conspiracy defendants arranged above.

The co-organiser, Danae Brook, was a writer and model (the muse for Vidal Sassoon's geometric haircut) involved with the Living Theatre (her interview with Rufus Collins appears in Oz #40). The event included performances by Graham Bond, Mighty Baby and Quintessence, with many in the audience consuming the LSD-spiked fruit punch (including Richard Neville, who met Jenny Fabian there and "became a groupie's groupie" for the night). This prompted the reviewer in IT #73 to write: "Well a few people may've thought that this was very clever and that London was getting its first Acid Test but then they might not know how to keep their heads together in such a situation. Not so lucky were the kids who got carried out unconscious, the freak in a long black velvet dress banging her head against a wall…Okay, it was orange acid, supposedly very pure, nice under the right circumstances but the right circumstances weren't the Roundhouse Freak Palace and the number of sad, disjunctively wandering frightened faces seemed to outnumber those who conspicuously were enjoying the ride."

Short (1cm.) closed tear to right edge; slight rubbing and creasing from handling and minor edge-wear. Overall, Very Good plus.