A large poster announcing the 'Independence Day Carnival - A Celebration of People's Rights', organised by the Friends of Oz and held in Hyde Park on July 4th, 1971. Printed in black on yellow paper. 76.2x50.7cm. Illustrated with a large cartoon illustration by Alain Le Saux of a pack of naked hippies being rounded up by sadistic cowboys and preyed upon by vultures.

The mass rally and 'Smoke-In' brought many underground and community groups together, including Release, BIT, Agit-Prop and Gay Liberation Front, and its main intention was to "support the defendants in the OZ Obscenity Trial and to protest against the Misuse of Drugs Bill, censorship laws and the growing climate of government repression".

Ink's report from the rally (where Felix Dennis spoke on behalf of Oz to the 5000-strong crowd) observed that although "Theoretically a smoke-in, there was a lamentable lack of dope", and noted that only "One freak…was busted…for saying 'Fuck' in front of an officer", while Frendz printed a photograph showing "a boy dressed as Rupert Bear" brandishing a huge "wooden phallus in front of the naked breasts of Honeybunch Kaminski, causing confusion amongst high ranking police officers."

Slight creasing to lower edge and minor handling wear, o/w Near Fine.