Catalogue of posters, designed and collated by Felix Dennis. London: ECAL, nd. (c. Spring 1968). 13 tall quarto sheets, printed in black on both sides, bound at the side by a white plastic spine clip. Reproduces 57 posters offered for sale (Osiris, Unicorn and various head shop and personality posters), with titles and dimensions, along with discount rates and terms, a wholesale price list, and a full-page ad. for Oz magazine. Front cover and frontispiece reproduce drawings by Aubrey Beardsley, whose work was offered for sale by ECAL in a set of 8 prints priced at 2 guineas (the V&A's Beardsley exhibition in 1966 was hugely influential on the British psychedelic artists).

ECAL was a poster and underground press distribution company, initially formed from the profits from the 14-Hour Technicolor Dream and part owned by IT. It operated from the basement of a building in Covent Garden owned by Nigel Samuel, which also housed IT's offices, and its directors included Miles, Mike Henshaw, Bill Butler and Joe Boyd. Felix Dennis was drafted in at the request of Richard Neville in an attempt to sort out their finances so that they could repay Oz their outstanding debt. As his successful street selling of the magazine had already demonstrated, Dennis's flair for business soon returned the company to profit. He left ECAL in 1968 and went back to Oz as the advertising manager, then business manager, and, subsequently, editor.

Faint crease to last sheet, o/w Very Good plus.