Jimi Hendrix in the Mylar Chamber (1969). Ira COHEN.
Jimi Hendrix in the Mylar Chamber (1969).


Jimi Hendrix in the Mylar Chamber (1969).

Limited edition photograph of Jimi Hendrix by Ira Cohen, SIGNED by the photographer and numbered #7/100 (Cohen's archivist has stated that the edition was unfinished and fewer than 100 prints were actually signed). 39.5x53.7cm. Undated. Fine.

Cohen built his 'Mylar Chamber' in the late 1960s at his loft on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, described by Gerard Malanga as "a kaleidoscope where the reflections being photographed constantly changed." His use of Mylar, a bendable mirrored plastic, allowed him to create hallucinatory images that Hendrix himself thought of as "like looking through butterfly wings."

Cohen photographed several artists in his curved mirror, including Alejandro Jodorowsky, John McLaughlin, William Burroughs, Angus and Hetty MacLise, and Robert LaVigne. The image here of Hendrix reclining in the Mylar Chamber was included in the artwork for 'The Ultimate Experience' CD (1992) and in EMP Seattle's 'The Jimi Hendrix Exhibit'.

NB The print's border as shown in the first illustration has been altered due to the highly reflective, mirror-like surface of the actual print which is almost impossible to reproduce photographically.