Bianca lets things slip at New York's glamorous Regine Club.


Bianca lets things slip at New York's glamorous Regine Club.

An original Syndication International press photograph of Bianca Jagger at the Regine Club, New York City, January 13th, 1978. B/w, 10x8". Near Fine.

Printed caption to verso reads, in part: "Bianca Jagger…has launched herself on a wild round of nightly parties on the chic New York disco scene, flirting, drinking champagne and, as always of course, dancing and dancing and dancing. But friends confide a different story - - Bianca is using the high life to submerge her sorrow over Mick's liason with Texas model Jerry Hall in Barbados." Five months later Bianca filed for divorce on the grounds of Jagger's adultery with Hall, later stating that "My marriage ended on my wedding day".

Regine's was one of Régine Zylberberg's clubs, located on the ground floor of Delmonico's Hotel where she rented a suite. Famously, in 1976, not long after the club opened, Mick Jagger was refused entry for wearing sneakers and no tie. The Delmonico (now a condominium owned by Donald Trump) saw the debut of Andy Warhol's Up-Tight at a dinner for the New York Society for Clinical Psychiatry, during which Warhol screened several of his films before appearing on stage with the Velvet Underground, exactly twelve years ago to the day before this photograph was taken.