The President's Assassin Speaks. Lee Harvey OSWALD.
The President's Assassin Speaks.


The President's Assassin Speaks.

Los Angeles: Key Records, nd. (c. 1964). LP record (KLP-880). Another version of the same WDSU programme from August 21st, 1963. Still sealed in original shrinkwrap (minor corner wear).

In the sleeve notes on the back cover, the right-wing, pro-segregationist Christian evangelist Billy James Hargis, comments: "Vick Knight, of KEY RECORDS, has done the cause of Americanism a great service by making available to the general public this album containing the revealing debate between Oswald and Bringuier. Regardless of the shabby defense of Oswald's satanic actions by the vastly questionable bleeding hearts of the Far Left, Oswald indicts himself in this album as a Traitor, a Marxist-Leninist who planned becoming a Soviet Communist citizen, a liar, and as a calculating killer capable of any inhumanity. This album should be played and re-played, before gatherings of patriotic groups, family circles, students, churches and civic organizations…because it answers once and for all the question 'Is Communism an internal threat?' ". A few years later Hargis became embroiled in allegations of sexual misconduct (no surprises there).