LONDON'S BURNING No. 1 (London: January 1977) - all published.


LONDON'S BURNING No. 1 (London: January 1977) - all published.

14 quarto duplicated sheets, printed recto only, stapled at top corner. The "fanzine by a Clash fan for Clash fans…Conceived, partly photographed, put together, and generally masterminded by Jonh Ingham".

Acquired directly from Jonh Ingham, and accompanied by a signed letter of provenance in which he writes: "In December 1976, inspired by Sniffin' Glue…I created London's Burning as a testament to The Clash. (I saw them play 22 of their first 25 gigs). The best photo-copying shop in London was off Shepherds Bush Green…I ran off enough to create 100 copies. My distribution outlet was Rough Trade. By mutual agreement I gave them 10-20 copies at a time, refreshing supplies as they sold out. They sold 80 copies."

A Fine, well-preserved copy of the first and only fanzine dedicated to The Clash.