A set list from 'Rawlinson DOG Ends', a series of Viv Stanshall concerts held at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, in April 1991, annotated by Pete Brown,

who played percussion during the week-long run. Single quarto sheet, printed on one side in black, with Brown's handwritten notes indicating the percussive instruments for his part in each song. Light overall creasing, o/w Very Good.

Stanshall's biography records that "Just two days before show time, Vivian let Pete Brown into his plans. He was presented with a list of fifty-five songs with minimal song charts for the band to work from and no MD [musical director]. The rest of the band turned up on the morning of the first show with absolutely no idea at all of what was going to be on the set list" ('Ginger Geezer', p.283). Jack Bruce quit after the first gig, but the show improved all week when Stanshall's nerves calmed down.

In an interview with Annalena McAfee of the Evening Standard conducted shortly before what was intended to be a musical celebration of his life, Stanshall acknowledged his stage fright: "This is a suicide mission. People who like blood sports will enjoy it. I feel at home in front of a live audience because it's so dangerous. You cannot be as violent with a typewriter, a piano or a sculpture…now…I really must put some knicky-knoodles on."