Original COUM handbill designed by Genesis P-Orridge announcing a performance by L'Ecole De L'Art Infantile, featuring P-Orridge, Tom (sic) Puckey and Cosey Fanni Tutti at the International Art Centre, Elephant & Castle, London, October 15th (1974). Printed in black on off-white paper. 25.3x21cm. Illustrated. Fine.

L'Ecole De L'Art Infantile was a pseudo-institution created in 1972 by P-Orridge with the artist and poet, Opal L. Nations (publisher of Strange Faeces Press), and Robin Klassnik (with whom P-Orridge and Tutti had stayed several times at his Martello Street SPACE Studio, and who first came up with the full pseudonym 'Cosey Fanni Tutti'). Thom Puckey, now a sculptor based in Amsterdam, was then active as a performance artist, together with Dirk Larsen, in the performance duo Reindeer-Werk.

'Opportunity Knocks' references a popular and long-running British TV talent show of the day, hosted by Hughie Green, widely known for his right-wing views.