Original poster entitled 'COUM' (c. May 1975).


Original poster entitled 'COUM' (c. May 1975).

Screenprinted in black on white stock. 72x47.6cm. Signed and blind stamped by Genesis P-Orridge in the lower right corner. Fine.

The large photographic image depicts P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti naked: the former strapped and chained to St. Andrew's cross, covered in fake vomit and feathers, the latter in straps with whip and chains.

The poster resulted from a restaging at their Martello Street studio of a crucified P-Orridge being whipped by Tutti, a scene from the Melkweg 'COUMing of Youth' show. It was photographed by Peter Christopherson using a large format Mamiya borrowed from Hipgnosis, the design collective he joined a year earlier.

Tutti notes in her autobiography that the image "reflected a shift in the dynamics of my and Gen's personal and working relationship. For the first time I was portrayed in the dominant position" (Art Sex Music, p.168).