Facsimile of a mail art postcard from Genesis P-Orridge to the fictional artist, Ted Glass, originally mailed in late November 1975. B/w, 14.6x10.3cm. Fine.

The card is a 'replica' of one of five 'indecent' postcards for which P-Orridge was charged under the 1953 Post Office Act. Facsimile copies printed by COUM were sent out together with other documents as part of P-Orridge's campaign to bolster his status as a 'serious' artist, and enlist support in advance of his court appearance in April 1976. Recipients included William Burroughs, Bridget Riley and Marc Chaimowicz, various art magazines and critics, including Richard Cork, and Sir Norman Reid, Director of the Tate Gallery.

The postcard reproduces Magritte's painting, 'Time Transfixed', with the addition of an image clipped from a pornographic magazine. The verso features a printed text taken from a similar source, various COUM stamps, and the handwritten address to Ted Glass, a bogus artist surreptitiously included in 'Contemporary Artists' (London: St. James's Press, 1977) by P-Orridge in his role as assistant editor (his only full-time job).

Highbury Corner Magistrates Court fined P-Orridge for sending 'indecent' material through the post (£20.00 for each of the five cards, plus legal costs), and from then on his mail was systematically checked, a persistent harassment from the authorities that contributed to his disillusionment with mail art as an art form. Three months later, P-Orridge adopted Ted Glass as his pseudonym for Throbbing Gristle's debut gig, held at the A.I.R. Gallery in front of an audience of about thirty people. (Ford 6.11).