VILE Vol. 1, No. 2/Vol. 2, No.1 (aka No. 2/3 [#4]) - International Double Issue.


VILE Vol. 1, No. 2/Vol. 2, No.1 (aka No. 2/3 [#4]) - International Double Issue.

SF: Banana Productions, Summer 1976. Ed. Bill Gaglione. 4to. Perfect bound wrps., 116pp. Illustrated.

Contents include two full-page COUM photographs, printed opposite each other. The first shows Genesis P-Orridge with the vagina dentata shoulder bag made for him by Jules Baker covering his head like an alien mask, while cradling a small, limbless and deformed mannequin in the manner of a ventriloquist's dummy. The second shows Cosey Fanni Tutti inside a cage (one of the props from the Oval House 'Couming of Age' performance).

COUM are also referred to in Anna Banana's introduction: "If anybody's pushing the limits of art, it's these folks…".

Other contributors include: Mr. Peanut; Dr. Brute; Opal L. Nations; Lady Brute; Flakey Rose Hips; Art Rat; Marcel Dot; Wendy Toogood; A.A. Bronson; Felix Partz; Jorge Zontal; Felipe Ehrenberg; Edgardo Antonin Vigo; Mieko Shiomi; Robin Crozier; David Mayor; William Burroughs (reproduction of a postcard written and addressed to Bill Gaglione in July 1971; the postcard is from the British Museum, one of Burroughs' favourite haunts at the time); Robert Filliou; Lourdes Castro; Daniel Spoerri; G.A. Cavellini; Arturo Schwarz; Hermann Nitsch; Joseph Beuys; Klaus Groh; Albrecht D.; Peter van Beveren; Gerrit de Rook; Eric Andersen; Nanos Valaoritis; Jiří Valoch; and many others.

Near Fine. Printed in an edition of 1000 copies.