London: COUM Transmissions, [January] 1977. 9x14.7cm. Printed by Walkerprint Publicity Services. Autograph Postcard Signed from Genesis P-Orridge to John Krivine: "hey Joan wat about them there gigs now before they shoot me too, Gen…3". Rubbed and creased, with old, single pinhole to top right corner, and 1cm. strip darkened along upper edge of recto (possibly from old tape).

Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Monte Cazazza formed the Gary Gilmore Memorial Society in San Francisco in November 1976 (two months before Gilmore's execution) in solidarity with the convicted double murderer's insistence on being executed by firing squad. The postcard prints photographs of each of them dressed in a black shirt, sitting blindfolded and bound to a wooden chair by their wrists and ankles.

The cards were made following P-Orridge and Tutti's return to London in January 1977 and sold in John Krivine's shop, BOY. P-Orridge and John Krivine first met at Hull University in 1968, and it was Krivine who located the old fruithouse in the dockland area of Hull in December 1969 that became the communal home known as the Ho Ho Funhouse.

By 1972 Krivine had moved back south and was running a shop in Brixton dealing in old arcade machines, jukeboxes and vintage radios. Later, together with Steph Raynor, he ventured into the clothing business and opened the influential Acme Attractions on the King's Road, Chelsea. Initially a stall managed by Don Letts in the basement of Antiquarius, it moved to 153 King's Road under the new name of BOY in 1976.

In August, he formed Chelsea, featuring Billy Idol, Gene October and Tony James, "in 'opposition' to Malcolm McLaren's band, the Sex Pistols, and his and Vivienne Westwood's shop, SEX" (Art Sex Music, p.199). They appeared as support for Throbbing Gristle at the ICA 'Prostitution' show two months later, named 'LSD' for the night by P-Orridge.

With bookings for TG thin on the ground in the weeks and months following the ICA show,
P-Orridge clearly had his old friend's role as McLarenesque impresario in mind when writing this card. (Ford 7.5).