VILE Vol. 3, No. 2 (aka #5).
VILE Vol. 3, No. 2 (aka #5).


VILE Vol. 3, No. 2 (aka #5).

SF: Banana Productions, Summer 1977. Ed. Anna Banana. 4to. Perfect bound wrps., 104pp. Illustrated.

The fifth issue of "my original conception of the magazine - a merging of literary and artistic works into a parody of everybody's favorite alternate art magazine - FILE" (editorial).

Contents include "Genesis P. Orridge…Pushing The Limits of Art" (4pp.), featuring press reports of the 'Prostitution' show at the ICA and P-Orridge's mail art prosecution; a lengthy letter from P-Orridge to Anna Banana; vitriolic correspondence between Buster Cleveland and P-Orridge; and a review of COUM's 'Cease To Exist' performances in Los Angeles, November 1976. Illustrated with a photograph of P-Orridge during the Kiel performance of 'Omissions (June 1975), and staged sado-masochistic photographs of Cosey Fanni Tutti and Monte Cazazza, taken by P-Orridge in Berkeley in November 1976.

Other contributors include: Alison Knowles; Bernard J. Kelly; Anna Banana; Bill Gaglione; Wolf Vostell; John M. Bennett; Terry Reid; G.A. Cavellini; Robin Crozier; Ray Johnson; Maurizio Nannucci; Bern Porter; Opal L. Nations; Monte Cazazza; Peter van Beveren; Tony Rickaby; Richard Morris; and many others.

Fine. Printed in an edition of 1000 copies.