Pretty Vacant. The SEX PISTOLS.


Pretty Vacant.

Original poster designed by Jamie Reid for the release of the Sex Pistols' second single (Virgin Records, July 1977). Offset litho in black on white stock. 71.5x99.5cm. Features a large b/w illustration of two buses, their destinations 'Nowhere' and 'Boredom' imbued with a sense of alienated fatalism, neatly signifying a future-less road ahead.

The double-image of the American GMC bus, originally taken from a newspaper ad., first appeared in 'Space Travel: an official guide for San Francisco commuters', part of the situationist group Point-Blank's San Francisco project in 1973, though it's far better known in Reid's work for the Pistols (he first used it in the Suburban Press, and until recently had always claimed the design as his own).

Near Fine. Conservation linen backed.