LOVE is here. R. CRUMB.
LOVE is here.


LOVE is here.

Staten Island, NY: LOVE, n.d. Single sheet, printed in black on both sides. 28x21.5cm. Recto prints a drawing by Robert Crumb, verso announces the LOVE Liberated Dating Service, lists questions, and gives directions for applying.

A flyer for a counterculture dating service, inviting applicants to mail in the form so that a "loving matchmaker-freak" can look for potential matches in the area. Questions include "Do you get high? How? On what?" and "Show us how REAL you are, Baby". The submission has to include an original love poem, and for women, "a gift of love to demonstrate sincerity" (options include "a flower petal, a lock of hair or a joint."). The flyer signs off: "WE LOVE YOU - ALL OF YOU - even if you don't apply. After all, WE ARE ALL ONE anyway."

Near Fine. Not in Don Fiene's 'R. Crumb Checklist' (Cambridge, Mass.: Boatner Norton Press, 1981).