Original flyer announcing 'The Death & Transfiguration of IT'. INTERNATIONAL TIMES.


Original flyer announcing 'The Death & Transfiguration of IT'.

Single sheet, mimeographed. 25x20cm. Faint stain near right edge; trivial handling wear, o/w Fine.

The flyer was issued in March 1967, immediately after the police raid on Indica, and gives details of a "Funeral Procession" beginning at the UFO Club and journeying through London via the Circle Line, down Portobello Road to the Golborne Road Bridge, where the rebirth of IT was to be staged.

A report of the event in issue #10 of the paper tells of how Harry Fainlight, who volunteered to die in the role of International Times, was placed in a coffin at the Cenotaph, then "carried into the bowels of London via the portals of Westminster underground station where a rebirth journey took place. Music and dancing accompanied the coffin on the tube train." The cortege eventually made it to Notting Hill and marched down Portobello Road, where a police barricade near Ladbroke Grove halted the march. The police were handed flowers in a gesture of peace, before Fainlight suddenly leaped out of the coffin, threw a few punches aimed at policemen, and was promptly arrested.