SPIDER Magazine Vol. 1, #7 (Oakland, CA: October 1965). Hunter S. THOMPSON, contributes.


SPIDER Magazine Vol. 1, #7 (Oakland, CA: October 1965).

8vo. Photographic wrps., 24pp. (incl. cover). Pub./ed. Steve DeCanio. Prints "Collect Telegram from a Mad Dog", a long poem by Thompson. Spider (its title deriving from its original eight-man editorial board, or a strained acronym for "sex, politics, international communism, drugs, extremism and rock’n’roll") was a small magazine involved in the Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley. It was banned on the Berkeley campus in March 1965, partly for the use of the word 'fuck' in one of its articles, and quickly became a cause célèbre among the students and activists (Thompson added to the agitation by using the word twice in his poem). Also: "Burn, Baby, Burn!", an 8pp. interview with four witnesses to the Watts uprising. A Near Fine copy of this scarce issue, Thompson's only known published poetry appearance.