This is a cranky… or rather, it CAN be a cranky. The WOMEN'S STREET THEATER.
This is a cranky… or rather, it CAN be a cranky.


This is a cranky… or rather, it CAN be a cranky.

SF: People's Press, nd. (1970). Large newspaper format (8pp). 58x41cm. Heavily illustrated instructions on building a paper movie inside a simple wooden frame, or a 'cranky'.

The publication prints an introduction to women's liberation, intended to be performed as street theatre by a small number of women, including two to crank the story along, one to read, and others to produce sound effects with tambourines, pots and pans, and kazoos.

The opening text explains: "A cranky is a paper movie or cartoon sequence inside a simple wooden frame. The moving paper roll unwinds (is cranked) onto a take-up reel, enabling you to tell a story with a minimum number of words and maximum number of strong images. THIS cranky is a brief history of women's oppression and struggles. About how the myth of women's inferiority began and has been perpetuated to oppress us, and about how women are refusing to submit to that HIS-STORY any longer. We, the Women's Street Theater, wanted to share the script and directions… with all our sisters… It's been great at rallies, small meetings, in parks, on the back of flat bed trucks, and on the marble steps of the Pacific Stock Exchange. People love it. They laugh, get involved, and have always been eager to discuss it afterwards. So use it yourself; enjoy it as we have and WRITE YOUR OWN."

Old central horizontal fold, o/w Very Good plus.