ASPEN No. 3 - Fab issue.
ASPEN No. 3 - Fab issue.
ASPEN No. 3 - Fab issue.


ASPEN No. 3 - Fab issue.

NY: Roaring Fork Press, December 1966. A multimedia, interdisciplinary magazine designed by Andy Warhol and David Dalton. The contents are loosely contained in a card box with a hinged lid, intended to resemble a 'Fab' detergent packet.

All eleven sections are present, as issued:

a) Underground Movie flip book (includes excerpts from Jack Smith's "Buzzards Over Bagdad" and Andy Warhol's "Kiss");

b) Ten Trip Ticket Book (excerpts from the Berkeley Conference on LSD, with contributions from Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, USCO, etc.);

c) Pop Art - 12 Paintings - Op Art (annotated cards, including "200 Campbell Soup Cans" by Warhol, "Varoom" by Roy Lichtenstein, "Ghost Telephone" by Claes Oldenburg, and "Woman" by Willem de Kooning);

d) Velvet Underground Folder ("Music, Man, That's Where It's At"), with flexi-disc ("Loop" - John Cale) and three stapled inserts printing essays by Lou Reed ("The View From the Bandstand"), Bob Chamberlain (who also provides the photographs for the folder), and critic Robert Shelton (lacks staple);

e) Seasons Greetings (Chamberlain's profile of a rustic, owner-built home and its residents, Lydia and Chuck Rand, photo-illustrated by him);

f) The Plastic Exploding Inevitable newspaper (a composite of the 'underground' newspapers by Warhol's Factory, including Gerard Malanga on "What's Happening in Modern Poetry" and Jonas Mekas on "The Chelsea Girls");

g) poster for Fladell, Winston, Pennette;

h) Folk Music on Vanguard leaflet;

i) Paraphernalia questionnaire;

j) Guild Musical Instruments flyer;

k) Aspen magazine subscription form.

Box slightly rubbed, with light corner wear, but overall an excellent example of this "three-dimensional magazine", with no splits and all the contents present in Very Good plus to Near Fine condition.