Original handbill designed by Dave Hodges. SF: Communication Company, February 1967. Printed in blue, red, and yellow on white stock. 28x21.5cm.

This now legendary event, "a 72-hour environmental community happening" held at the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco on February 24, 1967 was the Diggers' response to the Human Be-In, organised with co-conspirators the Artists Liberation Front. It featured music by the Orkus'tra and poetry readings by Michael McClure and Lenore Kandel. The Com/co gestetners were used to produce the Diggers' own newspaper, the John Dillinger Computer, edited by Richard Brautigan (an early example of the counterculture's futuristic embrace of computer technology), and free food was brought in to supplement the liberal quantities of LSD being consumed.

The event was called off after only eight hours of the scheduled three days, with proceedings rapidly getting out of hand. At around 2am a distraught church vestryman reported seeing someone performing cunnilingus on the altar and two hours later the Church officials decided that enough was enough.

Fine. One of approximately 1000 printed. (Notes From A Revolution, p.152/153).