Sound By Artists. Dan LANDER, Micah LEXIER.
Sound By Artists.
Sound By Artists.


Sound By Artists.

Toronto: Art Metropole/ Banff: Walter Phillips Gallery, 1990. First edition. 8vo. Wrps., 385pp., with a transparent flexi-disc recording by Christian Marclay ('Sound Page') bound into the book. Title stamped in braille on front cover. Illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and scores.

A collection of essays on audio/sound works by artists, featuring contributions from John Cage; Bill Viola; Max Neuhaus; Richard Kostelanetz; Maurizio Nannucci; Kevin Concannon; Alvin Lucier; R. Murray Schafer; Annea Lockwood; Hildegard Westerkamp; Christina Kubisch; Douglas Kahn; Gregory Whitehead; Chris Twomey; Christian Marclay; and many others + a selection of recorded works by artists + selected bibliography + notes on the contributors.

The second edition, published in 2013 by The Charivari Press & Blackwood Gallery, has the Marclay as an image of a disc only and does not contain the essay by Chris Twomey.

Small lower corner bump; slight age-toning to spine; o/w Fine.