Intermedia '68. Nam June PAIK, Charlotte MOORMAN.
Intermedia '68.
Intermedia '68.


Intermedia '68.

Poster + 2 programmes for performances by Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman at various SUNY campuses during February-March 1968. Poster printed offset in black on white stock. 43.1x27.9cm.

Intermedia was a term coined by Dick Higgins in 1965 to define an interdisciplinary approach to artistic production, and subsequently employed by Paik and other Fluxus artists.

The poster lists the composers whose works featured in the concerts: Joseph Beuys, George Brecht, Earle Brown, John Cage, Giuseppe Chiari, Henning Christiansen, Morton Feldman, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Alison Knowles, Takehisa Kosugi, Max Mathews, Jan Morthensen, Michael Noll, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, and James Tenney. The events also included screenings of films by Robert Breer and Jud Yalkut.

The first programme, for an unidentified performance, comprises two quarto sheets duplicated in aniline purple, stapled at top corner. Its second page prints a text on Paik, referring to the influence on his music of John Cage, Norbert Wiener and Marshall McLuhan.

The second programme, for the State University of New York at Albany, March 16, consists of two stapled sheets, the second one printing brief biographies of Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik.

Central horizontal fold to poster, o/w all items Near Fine.