Kitch. Carolee SCHNEEMANN.



Artist's postcard, inscribed in red by Schneemann ("A Happy New Year", with the printed year of 1972 altered to read 1973). Thin yellow card stock, printed in black. 14.9x21.1cm.

Schneemann originally gave the card to performance artist and playwright Neil Hornick, whose name she has written out on the verso below her own address stamp (Hornick appeared in Schneemann's happening, 'Round House', at the Roundhouse in north London during the Dialectics of Liberation event in 1967).

The card prints a collage by Schneemann featuring three photographs of her ice skating in the nude taken by her husband, Anthony McCall, and three of her cat, Kitch, a recurring presence in her art whose starring roles in her films are listed along the lower edge. Schneemann began her postcard series in early 1971, which ran for a period of two years while she was living in Belsize Park in London, each one relating to her life with Anthony McCall and usually featuring one or both of her cats, Kitch and Bathsheeba.

Old central vertical and horizontal folds, o/w Very Good.