Item #39114 Thinks Out Loud. R. Buckminster FULLER.
Thinks Out Loud.
Thinks Out Loud.


FULLER, R. Buckminster.

Thinks Out Loud.

Chicago, IL: Society of Typographic Arts, 1967. LP record (919S-7200). A vinyl recording of Buckminster Fuller's talk given to the Society of Typographic Arts in Carbondale, Illinois, April 4, 1965, released as "a limited edition keepsake for the STA." The album's title refers to Fuller's method of giving lectures in which he learned to "think out loud" rather than make special preparations or pre-write them.

The gatefold sleeve's front cover shows one of the geodesic domes built by students on the campus of Southern Illinois University "as a demonstration of the 'Tensegrity' principle." Inside sleeve prints two photographs of Fuller, one of them showing him inside his Dome Home in Carbondale (his residence between 1960-1971), plus "excerpts from Fuller's itinerary - 1965, 66, 67", a list of books about Fuller, a glossary of terms coined by him, and the words to "Roam Home to a Dome", a ditty Fuller wrote and occasionally sang publicly to the tune of "Home on the Range".

Minor sleeve wear to lower right corner, o/w excellent; disc Near Mint.