Item #39130 The Hog Farm Presents Weird Friday 13th. HOG FARM.


The Hog Farm Presents Weird Friday 13th.

Original flyer announcing a Hog Farm show ("A Radical Rush Party"), held on September 13, 1968 at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (though these details are not given). Printed in black on off-white paper stock. 14.2x21.5cm.

"The Hog Farmers need help -- lend a hoof… take a total stranger to lunch… hold hands and talk to the unknown".

In "The Hog Farm and Friends" (item #152), Wavy Gravy refers to the event on p.37/38, and describes how Ken Babbs had driven to Albuquerque "in his big Army bus" to rescue David La Breun's stricken Light Show Bus and ended up in jail. The Hog Farm followed "to reason with Babbs" (who had refused bail): "We are in town ten minutes when we hook into La Breun, who has scheduled our celebration at the University of New Mexico. A lady playground designer offers up her vacant lot with a promise of hot showers. Hot showers are a hot item in any bus community." After Babbs's release ("The jail has had enough of Babbs being Babbs"), Wavy Gravy reported that "The convoy was in high spirits after the University of New Mexico" and headed for Las Vegas.

Near Fine. A scarce item of Hog Farm ephemera.