Item #39161 PROGRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE (Stamford, CT: July 1970).



Ed. Forrest Wilson. 4t0. 152pp. Front cover prints a photograph showing the interior of Ant Farm's Environmental Structure at the Spring Equinox conference held at Freestone, California, in March 1970.

The special 'Advertisements For a Counter Culture' themed issue, containing a glossy 24pp. colour insert assembled by designer (and Trips Festival collaborator) Gordon Ashby from the "outlaws and inlaws" who had recently gathered in Freestone at the invitation of Sim Van der Ryn "to learn to design new social forms, new building forms, that are in harmony with life… to build a floating university around the design of our lives."

The insert, presented as a series of advertisements, contains an amalgam of texts, drawings, and photographs featuring, among others, the Canadian Whole Earth Almanac, the Farallones Institute (a laboratory for sustainable and socially conscious design), Zomeworks, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Earth, Kamakazi Design Group, and Ant Farm, whose manifesto highlighted a divergency in countercultural viewpoints: "Superconsumption urges some to take, some to make do, and some to hold on harder. There is speculation on what is a common ideal - while some 'revolutionaries' throw rocks thru bank windows, others dig up streets for parks and tear down fences to grow real food behind shared houses."

A diagram featured on the second page by Ant Farm member Curtis Schreier marks out a network of countercultural connections linking ecological activists, educational reformers, alternative architects, and cyberculture rebels, among them Stewart Brand and the Whole Earth and 'Aug Hum Int', the Augmented Human Intellect Research Center at Stanford founded by Doug Engelbart, a pioneer in human-computer interaction who, like Brand, had experimented with LSD in the early 1960s.

Forrest Wilson's editorial urges Progressive Architecture's "readers to take notice" of these "alternative architectural means", but the issue was not well received and reputedly cost him his job.

Also: Ted Litzenberger's Spheroid Grid Dome (2pp.).

Minor corner wear, o/w Very Good plus, at least.

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