Item #39162 BITMAN #2 (London: BIT Information Service, July 1970).
BITMAN #2 (London: BIT Information Service, July 1970).


BITMAN #2 (London: BIT Information Service, July 1970).

Foolscap, side-stapled. 30pp. BITMAN grew out of of BIT, "the June 1968 brainwave of Hoppy in jail and the name is to indicate that BIT evolved out of International Times… though BIT also = Binary Information Transfer, 'the smallest unit of information that can be processed by a computer', in memory of the original aim of computerizing the service".

This second issue, subtitled "Alternative Society Bible & Survival Manual and Classified Directory for Active Deviants", contains "News from Communes" (including the Eel Pie Island community and its Festival of Communes at the Roundhouse); "Ken Kesey Anti-Media & Anti-Revolution", a 5pp. interview reprinted from the Ann Arbor underground paper, Argus; Kingsley Hall; "Progressive Schools"; "A Bit about Bit" (4pp.); a 6pp. list of "Head Shops & Special Shops"; Bitman's notice board ("The Sacred Seed Commune have got together to play music, dance, sing"); more.

Edges of cover slightly discoloured, o/w Very Good.