Item #39179 COMMON WOMAN #5 (Berkeley, CA: nd. [April 1971]).
COMMON WOMAN #5 (Berkeley, CA: nd. [April 1971]).


COMMON WOMAN #5 (Berkeley, CA: nd. [April 1971]).

Newspaper format. 12pp. Illustrated.

Includes "Loving Collectively…", a feature printing articles "written by women living in men-women collectives" (3pp.): "We just got tired of being a house of hairy dope-oriented sex freaks. We slowly decided to put our fragmented psyches into a more collective form. We are a commune because it is an easy description of what we are trying to be - namely a family"; "too many men at dinner can be a real bummer, even when the men cook"; "In spite of four years now of women's liberation some men do not yet understand clearly enough the full impact of the Cultural-Sexual revolution taking place under the leadership of women."

Also: The free breakfast program of the Chicano Revolutionary Party; Women in Cuba; Vancouver Conference; Berkeley's Women's Health Collective; more.

Old central horizontal fold, o/w Very Good plus.