Item #39249 I'd Walk a Mile for a Cammel. ANT FARM.
I'd Walk a Mile for a Cammel.


I'd Walk a Mile for a Cammel.

Original offset lithograph, featuring a collage by Ant Farm on one side and the printed texts 'Ray Johnson post cards' and 'Lilpi Card' to the other. No date (c. 1974?). 28x21.5cm. Illustrated with a porn shot, a rubber stamp printed in blue, and an unfolded packet of Camel cigarettes, with the famous advertising slogan mis-spelled below.

The rubber stamp features an illustration of a bikini-clad woman lying on what appears to be a giant slab of ice, and includes the phrase 'ICE 9', a reference to the inflatable structure Ant Farm took on tour in their Media Van, part of their Truckstop Network of events and happenings (the ICE-9 name derived from Kurt Vonnegut's 1963 novel, 'Cat's Cradle', in which Ice-9 is a type of ice that froze everything except the ants). Both the Mail Art movement and the Ant Farm collective, like the Whole Earth Catalog, were highly networked, and all three anticipated the global system of communication later realised by the internet.


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