Item #39331 SCENE #21 (Soho, London: March 23, 1963).
SCENE #21 (Soho, London: March 23, 1963).
SCENE #21 (Soho, London: March 23, 1963).


SCENE #21 (Soho, London: March 23, 1963).

Ed. Francis Hitching.

Contains "The Junkie and the Novel" by (concrete poet/artist) Alan Riddell, a generally positive 2pp. feature on Alexander Trocchi, taking in his recent public spat with Hugh MacDiarmid in Edinburgh, commentary on "Young Adam" and "Cain's Book", news that he "is now working on a third novel, It's a Long, Long Way to Guadalahara", and ending with a quote from Trocchi: "Burroughs stunned himself out of existence. I can live with heroin."

Also: British folk singer Maureen Martin (see also item #171); "The Trials of Henry Miller" (4pp.); Dr. Strangelove + interview with Stanley Kubrick (4pp.); Scene's theatre critic, Tom Stoppard, in conversation + article on Richard Harris; Benny Green on new jazz albums; Nate Wheeler on The Springfields (1pp.); article on Sinclair Lewis; Roy Ascott and Cybernetics (1pp.); ad. for The Establishment club on Greek Street; more.

Staples slightly rusty. Very Good.