Item #39518 Alice Through The Looking Glass. ACID BLOTTER ART.
Alice Through The Looking Glass.



Alice Through The Looking Glass.

SIGNED by Grace Slick in black ink.

A double-sided blotter sheet designed by Mark McCloud featuring illustrations by John Tenniel, with a central image of Alice entering and emerging through a large mirror. The verso prints the image in reverse. 19cm. sq. Green version (there was also a version in pink). Divided into 900 perforated hits.

Grace Slick's lyrics to her song, “White Rabbit”, written during December 1965 or January 1966 reportedly after an acid trip, famously uses imagery found in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, and Jefferson Airplane’s recording of it became one of the first songs to sneak drug references past censors on the radio.