Item #39566 Seminar on Marihuana and LSD Controls. Allen GINSBERG.
Seminar on Marihuana and LSD Controls.



Seminar on Marihuana and LSD Controls.

(Washington, DC): National Student Association, c. December 1966 (second printing).

The transcript of a taped debate between Allen Ginsberg and Dr. James H. Fox from a seminar given before the NSA Convention at the University of Illinois, August 24, 1966. Eighteen numbered sheets, printed rectos only.

Minor pencil annotation in Ginsberg's hand at head of first page.

During the debate Ginsberg questioned at some length the notion of bad trips, citing exaggerated examples of LSD casualties reported by the press, in particular the New York Post, and took issue with the language of psychosis used by medical personnel to describe their patients' conditions when they were admitted after adverse reactions.

He also challenged the expertise of prohibitionists: “As some schools of psychiatry are aware, a flipout, here termed acute psychosis, may be a basically positive experience if rightly handled. This means that there's a breakthrough of new awareness, temporary social disorientation and an up-level reorientation to a richer awareness with a more valuable, flexible social role-playing as a result. Some of those who were hospitalized in Bellevue qualify for this description and I've talked to some of them who said they would like to take more LSD” (p.4).

Unobtrusive staple holes to upper left corners, o/w Near Fine.