Item #39608 Uncle Tim’$ Children. Timothy LEARY.
Uncle Tim’$ Children.


Uncle Tim’$ Children.

SF: Communication Company, April 4, 1967. 4pp. pamphlet. Printed in black on white stock, stapled at top corner. 27.8x21.6cm.

Chester Anderson’s scathing diatribe on the state of the Haight-Ashbury, written three months after the Human Be-In and three weeks after the post-Easter influx of hippie runaways to the neighborhood. In it, Anderson excoriates Timothy Leary, the HIP merchants and the SF Oracle for luring “an army of children into a ghastly trap from which there is no visible escape”, and for believing “that acid is the answer & neither know nor care what the question is.”

Leary, he argues, “turned you on & dropped you into this pit”, and dares him to contribute “a few grand to the diggers… to open & maintain pads for psychedelic indigents”, since “the diggers are the only human beings in the psychedelic ghetto.”

Anderson’s impassioned text was the hardest-hitting of all the Com/co broadsides, and persuaded more than a few to leave the city for the country in search of an alternative, communal lifestyle.

Light creasing from handling, o/w about Near Fine.