Item #39618 Cannabis: The Putting Together of The Heads. 1967 LEGALISE POT RALLY.


Cannabis: The Putting Together of The Heads.

London: 1967. Poster designed by Martin Sharp. Printed offset litho on thin white paper in black and red on a gold ground. 76.7x50.5cm.

The rare original printing, made for the Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park on July 16, 1967 and intended for flyposting.

The collaged artwork features nineteenth century ethnographic engravings from ‘The Races of Mankind’, a work of 1873 by Robert Brown, images from which were discovered by Sharp in an old copy of National Geographic magazine.

Peter Ledeboer told this cataloguer that he paid £60 to Vince Stitt to flypost the print run of 600 posters all over town, but he disappeared with the money with few, if any, actually being posted up, and some even being sold, a situation that prompted Ledeboer to establish his Big O poster company.

A little light, superficial creasing to the margins, o/w Near Fine.

Provenance: The Felix Dennis Estate.