Item #39642 Bore Hole. Joe MELLEN.


Bore Hole.

Np.: Glucocracy, 1975. First edition. 8vo. Illustrated wrps., 48pp., stapled. Cover drawing by Amanda Feilding.

The scarce first edition of Mellen’s auto-trepanation memoir in which he “tells the story of how I came to drill a hole in my skull to get permanently high.”

Mellen, an old Etonian and Oxford dropout, met Bart Huges in Ibiza in 1965, where he was introduced by Huges to LSD, and then later, to Amanda Feilding, who helped him drill a hole in his head, an initially unsuccessful experience described by Mellen in the book as “like trying to uncork a bottle from the inside.”

Others who pass through include Jane Ormsby-Gore, Michael Rainey, Jacques Stern, Michael Hollingshead, Heathcote Williams, and Barbara Rubin.

Glossy wrappers slightly creased, rubbed and lightly soiled; overall, Very Good. Printed in an edition of 500 copies.