Item #39678 Psychedelic Sex Kicks. ACID MOVIE.
Psychedelic Sex Kicks.
Psychedelic Sex Kicks.



Psychedelic Sex Kicks.

Exhibitors’ brochure promoting a double-bill of “2 Big Hits in Hallucinary Color, Pot Heads Experimental Films Presents Psychedelic Sex Kicks” and “Wild Hippie Orgy - The Free Love Group in the Nudie Flesh”. Hollywood: Bartco., nd. (1967). 4to. 4pp. Includes synopsis, six b/w stills featuring naked body-painted hippies, and posters.

“Up-tight Squares - Join the Hippies and their Hip Chicks they've scored for Acid, Pot & Grass! This Trip is for Real! This is Where It's At... It's a Sex Freak Out!”.