Item #39692 FSM’s Sounds & Songs of the Demonstration! FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT.
FSM’s Sounds & Songs of the Demonstration!


FSM’s Sounds & Songs of the Demonstration!

Berkeley, CA: FSM-Records Dept., 1965. LP record (FSM 3-4). Cover design by Stevie Lipney.

The first side provides a spoken word documentary of the events at UC Berkeley in October 1964, featuring the voices of students recorded during the demonstrations, and the events surrounding the arrest of Jack Weinberg, including recordings of both him and protest leader Mario Savio. The second side features seven FSM songs by, among others, Dave Mandel, Dan Paik and Kevin Langdon.

The back cover reproduces IBM computer punch cards produced by the FSM, and its notes read (in part): “This record is comprised of songs written by students about the protest movement, (the Free Speech Movement, or FSM) and the sounds of the October demonstration. Unfortunately, no tapes exist of the terrifying roar of the 50 Oakland police motorcycles called in againts the demonstrators. However, you will hear students telling why they feel their actions are justified, as well as on-the-spot recordings of the arrest of Jack Weinberg and the famous Sproul Door Incident. This record is dedicated to all who took part in the free speech fight, and specially to those who went to jail for the constitutional freedoms of all students.”

Lacks booklet. Vinyl Excellent (no spindle wear); sleeve Near Fine.