Item #39817 Freedom is Not a Gift from Captain Fink. BLACK MASK.
Freedom is Not a Gift from Captain Fink.


Freedom is Not a Gift from Captain Fink.

NY: Black Mask, nd. (1967). Flyer printed in black on both sides. 28x21.5cm. Illustrated with a painting by Aldo Tambellini with the word ‘NOW’ emblazoned across it.

A text to the verso, probably written by Ben Morea and titled “Freedom is not a gift from Captain Fink” (Captain Joseph Fink was the local East Village precinct officer), begins: “The hippies have become victims of their own ideology.” The critique attacks the hippies for becoming “tools of those against whom they have supposedly rebelled” and tells them: “Baby, you haven’t dropped out - you’ve been forced out because this goddamn system is rotten”.

It concludes with a telling comparison: “The American Indian was forced onto reservations (concentration camps) he did not retire there to smoke and groove. Life cannot be limited to a ‘reserve’ specified by those who seek to control us. We must decide where and when we will live, play or die, otherwise our freedom is a lie.”

Old central horizontal fold; faint handling creases; small nicks along right edge with lower right corner creasing. Overall, a Very Good copy of this scarce and visually striking Black Mask street handout.