Item #39830 What Is A Pig? BLACK PANTHER PARTY.
What Is A Pig?
What Is A Pig?


What Is A Pig?

SF: Black Panther Party, nd. (1969). Four-panel greeting card, blank interior, with b/w artwork of a battle scarred and wounded Pig by Emory Douglas, the Party’s Minister of Culture. Measures 17.8x25.4cm. (unfolded); 17.8x12.7cm. (folded).

One of a series of twelve revolutionary greetings cards that were sold by the BPP to raise funds.

Prints Eldridge Cleaver’s famous definition of the Pig, included in the first issue of the party’s newspaper: “A low natured beast that has no regard for law, justice, or the rights of people; a creature that bites the hand that feeds it; a foul depraved traducer, usually found masquerading as the victim of an unprovoked attack.”

Emory Douglas’s caricatures of pigs, which usually portrayed them encountering provocative retributions from the Black community, became the most widely known representation of the law enforcer as oppressor.

Near Fine.