Item #39831 Seize The Time! BLACK PANTHER PARTY.
Seize The Time!
Seize The Time!


Seize The Time!

SF: Black Panther Party, nd. (1969). Four-panel greeting card, blank interior, with b/w artwork by Emory Douglas, the Party’s Minister of Culture. Measures 17.8x25.4cm. (unfolded); 17.8x12.7cm. (folded).

One of a series of twelve revolutionary greetings cards that were sold by the BPP to raise funds.

Douglas’s image of a Pig exploded into fragments by gunshots appeared on page 8 in The Black Panther newspaper Vol. II, #2 (May 4, 1968), and the card’s accompanying slogan, one of several brought into popular use by the BPP, was used to motivate people to take control of their lives. The card credits the slogan’s coinage to the BPP’s chairwoman, Elaine Brown, whose album, “Seize The Time”, was released, like the greetings cards, in late 1969 (it was also the title of Bobby Seale’s autobiography, published in the following year).

Near Fine.