Item #39892 Festival of Life. Yippie! Chicago Aug 25-30. YIPPIE!


Festival of Life. Yippie! Chicago Aug 25-30.

NY: Youth International Party, 1968. Original handbill printing a dense text in blue overprinted in large red letters with the words ‘Yippie!’ and ‘Chicago Aug 25-30’. 28x21.5cm. The background text prints a list of actual or imagined participants, humorous slogans and seemingly random or resonant ideas designed to evoke a carnivalesque atmosphere in advance of the Yippies’ planned Festival of Life in Chicago.

Among those name-checked are the Diggers; Sharon Krebs; Steve Miller’s Blues Band; Hugh Romney; Ted Berrigan; The Fugs; John Wilcock; the Jimi Hendrix Experience; Gregory Corso; Norman Mailer; Phil Ochs; Timothy Leary; Shirley Clarke; Allen Ginsberg; Stu Albert; Arlo Guthrie; Pete Seeger; Quicksilver Messenger Service; and Paul Krassner, who has SIGNED this copy in the lower margin.

Near Fine.